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Time to let the baby GROW!

It’s time to let this baby grow!

Well the sites kind of ready?! I really have never had my ‘own’ website. It’s odd doing do many projects for other people and never really getting to work on your own. When you finally do it’s almost like you prevent yourself from ever. getting. there. Perfectionism can be a great trait but also a cruel bitch (pardon my language, its been a long week haha). I love designing websites. It’s the content part thats tough. usually I at least have a bit of content from a client, a logo, some type of verbiage and some photos. With your own stuff you’re left to your own devices. No one telling what to do, what looks good to them, on and on. It can be a fun process or a maddening one and I have come to find out I probably would of annoyed the web designer self with all the little things.

The sites pretty much there. 4-5 days of work in and it’s looking pretty good. Considering all the damn content. Seriously. The worst part of this process for me. I am likely just tired because I love to write. But, damn… I purposefully kept our site simple, straight forward and not wordy. Who wants to read a bunch of crap when you’re looking for someone to design your website. You want someone you know will stay up all night, drinks coffee and obsesses over the small stuff. Someone who’s perfectionism (OCD) works to you’re benefit. Plus I’m pretty cool to work with. Seriously give me a call. I dare you.

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